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The Art of Clue Delivery: Why Our Method Reigns Supreme


Clue delivery in escape rooms has always been a topic of discussion. Some venues opt for walkie-talkies, some use buttons to summon a clue, and others might just shout from behind a curtain! At Stumptown Escape Games, we've chosen a combination of microphones in the room and text messages sent to screens as our method of clue delivery. And let us tell you, it's no accident. Here's why we think this system is top-notch.

Traditional Methods:

Before diving into why our method is so effective, let's quickly review some commonly used methods:


  • Pros: Immediate contact with the gamemaster.

  • Cons: Often disrupts the atmosphere and requires a player to step away from the action.

Push Buttons:

  • Pros: Convenient and less intrusive.

  • Cons: Can feel mechanical and lacks the personal touch.

Verbal Clues:

  • Pros: Direct and human.

  • Cons: Can be too loud, distracting, or can break immersion.

Why Microphones and Text Messages:

Discreet yet Attentive:

Our in-room microphones allow us to listen in, gauge your progress, and deliver hints or clues as needed, without being invasive. We can hear your discussions and tailor our clues to what you're already pondering.

Maintains Atmosphere:

Sending text messages to screens within the room ensures that the atmosphere isn't disrupted. You receive the help you need, but within the context of the game's narrative. The screens are integrated into the room's design, so it all feels part of the same world.

Enables Real-Time Adaptation:

Hearing your conversations and thought processes enables us to adapt our clues in real-time. We can provide just the right nudge, ensuring a balanced and engaging experience.

Personalized Assistance:

Through the screens, you're getting clues that are customized to your current challenge. It's not a generic hint; it's advice tailored to your team’s needs.

Safety Measures:

Let's not forget, microphones also add an element of safety. We can immediately become aware of any issues or concerns, allowing for rapid intervention if required.


The choice of clue delivery method might seem like a small detail, but it dramatically impacts your overall experience. Our approach at Stumptown Escape Games offers a balance of immersion, adaptability, and personalization, ensuring an unforgettable adventure each time you step into one of our rooms.


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