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The Great Clue Conspiracy: Why We Believe in Unlimited Clues (and Laughter)

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Introduction: At Stumptown Escape Games, we like to do things a bit differently. Why, you ask? Because we believe in the power of fun, laughter, and a sprinkle of playful teasing. If you’ve ever wondered why we offer unlimited clues in our rooms while others cap it at three, sit back and enjoy our (not-so-secret) secret recipe for making escape games an absolute blast!

Why Limit Fun to Three Clues? Imagine you're deep into solving a perplexing puzzle, and suddenly, you're stuck. Now, some escape rooms might hand you a clue ticket, a golden token that you can exchange for a mysterious hint – but only three times.
At Stumptown, we looked at this system and thought, "Why be stingy with the fun?" We don't like to play hard-to-get with our clues. Our game masters are like the fairy godparents of the escape room world – they're here to help (and tease) you every step of the way!
Our Gamemasters: The Wizards Behind the Curtain Speaking of game masters, have you met ours? They're a mix of Sherlock Holmes, stand-up comedians, and that one friend who knows all the best dad jokes. They won’t just hand you clues – they'll turn it into a game within the game. A typical clue session might look like this:
  • You: "Can I have a clue?"

  • Gamemaster: "A clue? Well, let's make a deal: tell me your best pirate impression, and I'll consider it."

  • You: (Arrrghs ensue)

  • Gamemaster: "Now, that's treasure-worthy! Here's your clue, ye scallywag!"

See what we did there? We believe that clues are not just hints but opportunities to engage, laugh, and make the experience even more memorable.

No Penalties, More Playfulness Why no penalties for clues? Well, we’re in the business of fun, not finance! Some escape rooms may make you feel like you're spending your clues like rare coins, but not us. Our clues are like hugs from a very enthusiastic grandma – always available and never-ending.

We get it; other places might have their reasons for limiting clues. And hey, that's cool too. But we're more about the smiles per minute (SPM) rather than the clues per game (CPG).

Conclusion: Escape rooms are all about teamwork, problem-solving, and having a blast. Why limit that with a measly three clues? We prefer our clues unlimited, our laughter unfiltered, and our teasing unapologetically playful.

So come on down to Stumptown Escape Games, where the clues are plentiful, and the fun never ends. Just be prepared for some pirate impressions, chicken dances, or maybe even a riddle or two from our whimsical game masters. After all, isn’t that what makes the escape truly unforgettable?

And if you ever feel stuck, don’t worry. We've got clues galore – and they're on the house. Just like grandma’s hugs. 🧩😄


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