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One Gamemaster, One Room: The Stumptown Difference


The escape room industry has evolved over the years, and different approaches have emerged regarding the staffing and operation of games. While some venues prefer a one-size-fits-all method where a single gamemaster manages multiple rooms, we at Stumptown Escape Games have a different philosophy. We believe that dedicating one gamemaster to each room vastly improves the experience for our players. Here's why.

The Power of Full Attention:

Having one gamemaster per room means undivided attention. Our gamemasters can focus entirely on your game, ensuring that you don't miss out on clues, get stuck on puzzles, or feel neglected. With their eyes solely on you, they can provide subtle nudges or timely clues that genuinely enhance your experience.

Enhanced Immersion:

A dedicated gamemaster can weave storytelling elements into the experience seamlessly, elevating the game from a mere puzzle-solving activity to a rich narrative adventure. Whether it's through hidden clues or timed narrative elements, your journey will feel far more immersive and personalized.

Real-Time Adaptation:

In multi-room setups, gamemasters stretched thin might miss the subtle dynamics of a team's collaboration or individual players' needs. Having one gamemaster per room allows for immediate adaptability, tailoring the experience to the strengths and weaknesses of each particular team.

Improved Safety:

With their focus undivided, a single gamemaster can monitor all aspects of the room closely, ensuring a safer environment. Whether it's a technical hiccup or a minor accident, having someone entirely devoted to your room means quicker responses in any situation.

Better Connection:

Having one-on-one time with a dedicated gamemaster means a more personable experience. Our staff gets to know your team, sometimes providing inside jokes, custom hints, or even post-game discussions that turn an ordinary outing into a memorable adventure.


While other escape rooms might try to maximize efficiency at the expense of customer experience, we don't cut corners at Stumptown Escape Games. With one dedicated gamemaster per room, we prioritize quality, immersion, safety, and most importantly, fun. So, the next time you're locking into an escape room, remember: the more personalized the guidance, the better the adventure.


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