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7 Behaviors That Ensure Success in an Escape Room

Hello, escape room aficionados! Whether you’re a newbie or an escape room veteran, there are certain behaviors that can dramatically increase your odds of success. Here at Stumptown Escape Games, we've put together a list of seven key behaviors that can turn you into an escape room master.

1. Effective Communication

Talking is good, but effective communication is better. Always keep your team in the loop with what you're doing or finding. Quick and precise communication can make all the difference.

2. Time Management

Keep an eye on the clock. Assign someone the role of timekeeper to give time updates and to ensure that you're not stuck on one puzzle for too long.

3. Team Collaboration

Remember, it’s a team effort. Split into smaller groups to tackle different tasks, but make sure to regroup to share information and combine efforts when needed.

4. Detail Orientation

Inspect everything. Sometimes the most innocuous objects or markings can be crucial clues. Attention to detail could provide the breakthrough you need.

5. Flexibility

If a strategy isn't working, be prepared to pivot. Flexibility can help your team adapt to new information and challenges effectively.

6. Use of Hints Wisely

Hints are there to help you. Using a hint isn’t admitting defeat; it's about advancing the game. Know when to ask for one and make the most out of it.

7. Stay Organized

Keep found objects and clues in an organized fashion so you can easily revisit them. Designate an area in the room to serve as a "clue pool" where everyone can see.

Final Thoughts

Remember, escape rooms are not just games; they’re adventures that test various skills. Adopt these seven behaviors the next time you play, and witness how they turn the odds in your favor.

See you soon at Stumptown Escape Games for an exciting, successful escape!


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