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Each year, examinations are given to cadets who wish to serve in the StarCrash Fleet of inter galactic starships.


You have been chosen to participate in this hour long test of nerves and knowledge. Push your abilities to their limit and join the Fleet!

This is our largest room, with plenty for larger groups of friends and family to solve. 

Recommended for 4-8 players.



Your wacky uncle has always regaled you with stories of UFOs, Bigfoots, and government conspiracies, but, this time, his call feels different.

Panicked and desperate, he's convinced the feds are on the way to his cabin, and he's begging you to clear out his extensive research before they lock him up for good.

An excellent game for new players, and players of all ages.

Recommended for 2 - 8 players.



Blue Green Temple Photo Travel Social Media.png

On a field trip to a recently uncovered pyramid, your anthropology professor has disappeared after entering a multi-room tomb.

Once inside this jungle cavern, you will discover a mystery that is deeper than her sudden vanishing.

Opens July 30th, 2021.

Inspired by our favorite adventure movies and games, with a hint of supernatural tension. This game is perfect for all ages.

Recommended for 2-8 players.



You have discovered that the mobster that runs the speakeasy you recently started working for is much more brutal than you originally thought. 

Even though he makes the best beer in town, you can’t in good conscience let him continue to torture your coworkers. 

This room is appropriate for all ages, and a fun date night experience.

Recommended for 2 -8 players.